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SP 15-30mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2

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Impressive picture quality thanks to advanced optical construction

The new SP 15-30mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2 (model A041) is a fast ultra-wide-angle zoom lens. It is based on its successful predecessor model, the A012, and its outstanding imaging performance. XGM (eXpanded Glass Moulded Aspherical) lens elements and several LD (Low Dispersion) elements almost completely prevent errors like distortion and lateral chromatic aberrations that occur more often with wide-angle lenses. The AX (Anti-Reflection eXpand) coating, developed by Tamron, sets new standards in reducing ghost images and blind spots. In addition, the integrated dual MPU (Micro-Processing Unit) allows quicker and more precise AF focusing and very effective and powerful VC image stabilisation. A rear filter holder (Canon variant only) makes it easier to use filters. The weatherproof construction and other features, such as the new, rugged fluorine coating on the front lens, make this lens the perfect choice for demanding photo and video shoots under the harshest conditions.

Focal Length [mm] 15-30
Maximum Aperture F/2.8
Minimum Object Distance [m] 0,28m
Maximum Magnification Ratio 1:5
Filter Size [mm] N/A
Weight [g] 1110g (Canon), 1100g (Nikon)
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SP 15-30mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2

Features and Functions

The newly developed AX coating – for crystal-clear photos

The AX coating (Anti-Reflection eXpand), newly developed by Tamron, is based on groundbreaking technology that allows an even coating to be applied even to the convex surface of strongly curved lenses. This was very difficult in the past. In the SP 15-30mm F/2.8 G2, the AX coating is used in combination with other established coatings (the eBand Nano and BBAR coatings). This means reflections are minimised to an extent never before possible; the pictures are extraordinarily clear and bright, right to the edges.

Impressive AF performance and image stabilisation

To make use of the full potential of the SP 15-30mm F / 2.8 G2, max imum sharpness must be ensured at the moment the shutter is released. The dual MPU (Micro-Processing Uni t ), which contains two processors, one for autofocus and one for image stabilisation, makes sure this is the case. It both improves AF speed and precision and achieves image

stabilisation over 4.5 EV stops (according to the CIPA standard). Blur caused by camera shake while shooting free hand is effectively prevented.

* Measured according to CIPA standard. Measured using Canon EOS-5D MKIII and Nikon D810

Fluorine coating on front lens improved

The exterior of the front lens has a high-tech coating based on a newly developed fluorine compound with advanced water and oil repellent properties. This ensures that the lens is rugged and long-lived. The lens surface is easier to wipe and harder to damage.

Rear filter holder* for more flexibility with creative shots

The model variants with the Canon mount are supplied with a special filter holder as standard, which can be used to insert a gelatine filter or similar fil ter film in the rear of the lens. This means the separate filter holder for the strongly convex front lens is no longer available.

Weatherproof casing

The lens barrel is sealed against moisture. The design offers optimum protection in adverse weather conditions.

SP 15-30mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2

Optional Accessoires

TAMRON TAP-in Console

The lens is compatible with Tamron’s TAP-in Console (sold separately), which can be used to update the firmware and adjust the autofocus and VC image stabilisation to the user’s preferences.

Additional product features

VC (Vibration Compensation)

The VC Image Stabilizer delivers sharp and shake-free images, as well as a smooth viewfinder image.

USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive)

Powerful ultrasonic motor for quick and dynamic subjects. It is extremely quiet, precise and allows manual control at any time.

eBAND Coating

Nano-structured lens coating to protect against unwanted reflection and ghosting.

Super Performance

Tamron's Super Performance series delivers a range of lenses that meet the highest standards.

LD (Low Dispersion)

Lens element for greater image sharpness and the correction of chromatic aberration.

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