TAMRON TAP-in Console - fine-tuning for your lens

TAMRON TAP-in Console - fine-tuning for your lens

Tamron lenses are not only made of glass and metal, but are full of innovative technology. Like a computer, they have powerful processors and software that controls the complex data exchange with the camera.

In order to use the full potential of a modern Tamron lens, the settings can be adjusted with the Tamron TAP-in Console to the individual requirements of the photographer. This optional accessory allows you to update the firmware or tune focusing. Important adjustments can also be made, such as the autofocus or the image stabilizer.

We show you how the TAP-in Console and the associated TAP-in Utility Software work in the videos on this page.

01 First steps with the TAP-in Console

Here you learn how to set up the TAP-in Console and connect it to the TAP-in Utility Software.

02 Firmware Update

This way you can check the firmware of your lens and update it to the latest version.

03 Adjusting the near focus range

In this video we will show you how to adjust the nearest focusing distance and how to optimally adapt the lens to the camera.

04 Adjusting the middle or far focus range

Here you can see how to adjust the focus for the middle and far range so that the lens works optimally with the camera.

05 User-defined AF range limitation

In the video we explain how you can adjust the AF range limitation to your individual requirements.

06 Adapting the VC image stabilization

Here you learn how to prioritize either viewfinder or image capture stabilization.

07 Adjusting manual focus

In this video we show how you can adjust manual focus correction.