Repair Service

Repair Service

Tamron products are manufactured with the greatest care and precision in our highly modern factories in order to guarantee trouble-free photography. Should your lens nevertheless develop a fault, the Tamron Service Department is available to assist you.

If you have a problem with your Tamron lens that requires service, then first of all please complete the online Tamron Service Form below for your location.

Once approved, you will receive an email with your specific Tamron Lens Return Number and all the details on how and where to send your Tamron lens.

Tamron Service United Kingdom: Tamron Service Form

Tamron Service Ireland: Tamron Service Form

(For repairs in other countries, please contact the relevant distributor.)

If you have any sample images which show the problem you are experiencing, then please enclose these with your equipment, ideally on a memory card.

If you should have any urgent questions, we can provide you with fast and efficient assistance:

T: +44 (0)20 3966 5947

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday

9.00am – 5.00pm.

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About repair entry
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Grey imports

"Grey imports" describes goods that are traded via distribution channels that are not authorised by the manufacturer or their official representative. In the case of Tamron products in Europe, only Tamron Europe GmbH is authorized to import Tamron goods into the European Economic Area and to organise their further distribution within Europe.

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