What is your story?


In #MyTamronStory we set out to find the stories behind the photos you make with your Tamron Lenses. It all started with that single photo, capturing what matters most to you. Each Tamron Story is unique and just as special to us. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to share your passion for photography with us!


Want to see the inspirational #MyTamronStory photos and videos?

Follow our social media channels and become part of the Tamron Community! From professionals to amateur photographers, we all share the same passion for photography and every photo you take tells a unique story. By using #MyTamronStory on social media you to can share your passion and your own Tamron Stories with us and the community. This way we keep inspiring each other to tell more stories! Watch the latest Tamron Stories below.

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What is your unique Tamron story?

In addition, we are always looking for unique stories and special moments for #MyTamronStory that we want to share with the community in more elaborate videos. You can help us in our search by signing up! We will select a few of you to tell your story and share your photos with our camera crew! So do you have a unique Tamron Story? Apply now and we might see you soon!


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