New Vari-Focal Lens Supporting more than 3-Megapixel Resolution

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1/2.7” 2.7-13 mm F/1.4 vari-focal lens


Imagers are migrating toward higher resolution as high-quality images are required for security applications. High-end megapixel cameras are increasingly used in night-time surveillance. Addressing the growing need in the market, Tamron developed an industry-leading 1/2.7” 2.7-13 mm F/1.4 vari-focal lens (Model: M13VG2713IR), which provides its high optical resolution throughout the visual and the near-IR spectrum.

Product Features:

1.       Distinguished Optical Performance 'Compatible With 3-Megapixels'

Leading technologies such as aspherical lens and extraordinary LD (Low Dispersion) lens were employed together with state-of-the-art optical design to achieve high-fidelity imaging compatible with 3-megapixel cameras, exceeding Full HD1080P resolution. The lens stands out with an F-number of F/1.4, which effectively assures mega-pixel image-quality even under low illumination condition.

    2. Megapixel Imaging Sustainable Under IR Lighting

Imaging quality of conventional lenses often gets compromised under a near-IR light as compared with that under a visual light. Tamron considers image-quality degradation in the “night-time mode” devalues the advantage of mega-pixel cameras. The lens newly announced maintains high-quality 3-mega-pixel imaging throughout the visual and near-IR spectrum, without quality degradation when a camera is switched to “night-mode”.

    3. Wide-Utility Focal Length of 2.7 – 13 mm and Wide-Angle Horizontal FOV Angle of 125.1°


Megapixel image quality is assured over the most widely utilized focal-length range of 2.7 – 13 mm. The focal length of 2.7 mm at the wide-angle (FOV angle of 125.1°) is especially useful to obtain an entire room view from a corner point.

    4. Reduction of Color Blur by Elimination of Chromatic Aberration

A new optical design eliminates chromatic aberration to the limit, resulting in images without annoying color blur. Incoming light reflection on the lens surface is thoroughly suppressed by means of state-of-the-art lens design to prevent its incursion into output images. Employing multi-coating technology also assures flare-free and ghost-free imaging.

    5. Highest-Precision and Highest-Quality Lens Construction that Maximizes Optical Performance

All lens components are designed in the highest precision and produced using the most advanced manufacturing technology. In-house manufacturing know-hows are extensively employed to eliminate image degradation such as image shifts and unbalanced blurs.

    6. Improved Lens Integration

Obtrusion of the lens element at the lens mount surface is eliminated to improve lens compatibility with general cameras.

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