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Taking really sharp macro shots


Close, closer, macro! Tamron has two lenses for ambitious photographers to discover the magic of macrophotography. Both offer maximum magnification of 1:1, meaning you can capture your subjects in their original size.

Exposure (3): The art of manual exposure


If you ask a professional photographer which camera settings they use, the answer is surprisingly often: “I shoot in manual mode.” Pros adjust aperture and shutter speed to the existing light conditions depending on the situation – by hand. They often prefer to trust their own experience rather than the camera’s automatic function.

Exposure (2): How to use exposure correction


Are your photos sometimes too dark or too bright, even though you have used automatic exposure? Then you’re not alone. Faulty exposure can initially exasperate many passionate photographers. It’s caused by the camera’s automatic mode determining aperture and shutter speed based on a standard value, which often doesn’t match the way the photographer has perceived the scene.

Exposure (1): Why you shouldn’t always trust the automatic exposure


When you take a photo, the camera determines the right exposure at the time the shutter release is pressed. Unfortunately, it’s not always right: faces are too dark or pale, white snow looks grey, and atmospheric evening scenes look drab and colourless.

How to take better travel photos


Lots of free time, good food and interesting people – for many, a trip is the perfect opportunity to finally get back into photography. But do you sometimes also wonder why the pictures don’t really reflect the atmosphere you felt at your destination?