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New York, New York


Over a period of 5 days Nicole Loos was on the go in Manhattan with the Tamron SP 24-70mm f2.8 Di VC USD. In the interview she reports on getting to the best photos spots in the metropolis.

High ISO: How high is high enough ?


We seem to live in a camera world with untold possibilities. Whilst photographers had mainly to be satisfied with ISO 400 sensitivities when films were analogue, extreme settings of ISO 12,800 or 25,600 can be chosen today on modern system cameras.

With Tamron in "Sächsischer Schweiz"


No need for a really good photo to be always exactly focussed! – That may sound a little strange. However this will be less surprising after having been on the latest Tamron Workshop in the Sächsischer Schweiz National Park. For three days the 13 participants had every opportunity of looking over the shoulder of professional photographer Jürgen Müller.

Using the image stabilizer properly


Camera shake is the most common reason for blurry images. This is caused by an involuntary movement of the camera during the exposure time. The longer the exposure, the more susceptible a photo is to camera shake. However, with a few tricks, and using the VC image stabilization, the risk of camera shake can effectively be minimized.

Landscape format vs. Portrait format


Most of us take pictures in landscape mode. It's only natural: in the horizontal our field of vision encompasses about 180 degrees, but vertically only about 130 degrees. So we see in widescreen, so to speak. Computer monitors and televisions are designed for landscape-format representation. Cameras are designed so that we can conveniently take pictures in landscape format.