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Composition (3): Distance and Perspective


The previous two articles of our series “Image Structure” have dealt with the view frame and the (empty) space in a picture. In conclusion, it now gets a little less theoretical. In this article we want to inspire you to intensively deal with two main aspects of photography: Shooting distance and perspective.

Composition (2): Space and emptiness


Composition is the key to a good picture. In the first part of our series on composition we looked at the role of the viewfinder as the main composition tool in photography. A good photographer uses the viewfinder frame consciously to integrate or exclude certain elements.

Composition (1): using the viewfinder


January, with its dreary colours and subjects, doesn’t exactly tempt you outdoors to take pictures. The days are short, the trees are bare, and life, for the most part, takes place indoors. It is, therefore, the perfect time of year to do some intensive work on some of the basic aspects of photography – composition, for example.

Start a 52-picture project


Do you want to take more photographs but don’t quite know what of? Then why not start a personal 52-picture project in 2014, taking one photo each week.

5 photo mistakes that you should no longer make in 2014


Did you also start the new year with a handful of good intentions? And did you stick to them? Are you taking them seriously, or have you postponed “more exercise, more salad and less alcohol” to 2015?