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05.02.2015 / Christoph Oberschneider

Christoph Oberschneider captures thrilling action shots set against majestic mountain scenery. He was also accompanied on his sporty jaunts through the Salzburger Land region by the new, high speed, 15-30 mm ultra-wide-angle zoom lens from Tamron.

What is the optimal shutter speed?


The shutter speed together with the aperture control the exposure. However, depending on the subject, not every speed is suitable. Here are a few tips for taking better photographs.

SP 15-30mm F/2.8 Di VC USD (Model A012)


Tamron’s state-of-the-art lens design features an XGM (eXpanded Glass Molded Aspherical)*1 lens element and eBAND Coating*2 for outstanding detail and performance from the center to the edges of the frame over the entire zoom range.

Themed photo shoots

16.01.2015 / Vera Wohlleben

Why do we take photographs? To keep hold of those special moments is usually the first answer to this question – “to capture every moment” as it says on my t-shirt from Photokina. But that’s not all. Capturing what is actually there forms just one aspect of photography but so much more is possible: Through photography we are capable of producing completely new images, moments and stories, transforming our imagination into reality and becoming more creative both in ourselves and in what we do.

The golden ratio


When composing their pieces of work, painters, sculptors and of course photographers have placed their trust in the golden ratio for centuries. But what is it exactly?