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18-200mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC (Model B018)


New Tamron 18-200mmzoom is the lightest* in the world. High-performance lens features VC image stabilization, improved AF and weighs just 400g (14.1 oz.)

With the camera in the weather kitchen

21.07.2015 / Gordon Below

The Azores lie far out in the Atlantic Ocean. Nearly 1,400 kilometres from the Portuguese mainland, they are somewhat of an secret tip for hikers and cyclists. Especially since the islands are not really known for long lasting hours of sunshine. Even more as a weather kitchen with constantly changing conditions. Thus the perfect goal for our diversified Tamron Academy Workshop.

Wanderlust will not let go of me

01.07.2015 / Anja Beckmann

Anja Beckmann was in South Africa with the 16-300mm Megazoom lens for your travel blog "Travel on Toast"

Objective Compensation under the Magnifying Glass


No, this is neither about flashing chrome rims nor about the payment of outstanding invoices: Objective compensation provides even better light for your photos.

Dark and Moody Food Photography

27.04.2015 / Vera Wohlleben

We are all familiar with the perfectly lit, painstakingly styled studio photos of crisp lettuce or shiny tomatoes like the ones you see in advertising or on food packaging. A new trend has been emerging in food photography for some time now, which is becoming increasingly widespread: The photos are dark with atmospheric light accents on the food and exciting rustic textures.