Wood Anemones in the Sun

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Wood Anemones in the Sun

Even without a macro lens, it is entirely possible to take great pictures of flowers. We realised this one day when we discovered several wood anemones by the golden light of the afternoon sun. The Anemone nemorosa doesn't normally bloom until April, but the mild winter has given us an early floral start this year.

Unfortunately, we didn't have our macro lens with us – after all, you don't want to carry too much with you on a leisurely Sunday walk. But with the Telezoom AF 70-300mm F/4-5.6 Di LD we were able to snap some full frame pictures of the flowers without any problems. The picture that is shown in this article is the full image and hasn't been subsequently trimmed.

Large reproduction ratio

The maximum reproduction ratio of the lens is 1:2. That means that the maximum size of the image of the flower on the sensor is half the size of the actual flower itself. It is only possible to achieve a larger reproduction ratio (e.g. 1:1) with a real macro lens.

The 70-300mm zoom offered us, however, plenty of scope for our purpose. In the focal length range from 180-300mm, the so-called "macro switchover" mechanism allows you to even focus at a distance of only 1 metre. Therefore, the selected image section is only about 5 x 7 cm in size.

Diagonal rays of light

Taking these pictures was made so appealing due to the fantastic light. The rays of the sun were falling through the branches of several trees, creating attractive dapples of light on the dark floor of the woods and on the flowers. As the sun is already low in the sky in the afternoon at this time of year, this cast the delicate flowers in a particularly beautiful light.

We concentrated on capturing a diagonal image layout from the lower left hand corner up to the top right hand corner, making the picture more dynamic and alive. And to complement this, the sun is shining from the top right hand corner of the picture, casting shadows in the opposite direction. We couldn't have had much more luck with the photographic conditions than we had on that afternoon!

Technical data: Canon EOS 550D, Tamron 70-300mm, 480mm (KB), 1/320 sec., f/6.3, ISO 100

Wood anemones are one of the early flowering plants. We discovered these beautiful flowers on a Sunday walk – and shot them up close with the 70-300mm Telezoom. (Photo: Jörg Rieger)

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