With a large viewing angle through the world

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Interview with Caroline Lohrmann of www.shavethewhales.net

With a large viewing angle through the world

The Hamburg travel blogger Caroline Lohrmann, Shavethewhales.net, writes with a keen sense about her adventures around the globe. Her texts are profound and offer an open, humorous look at foreign countries and cultures. Her photos are evidence of her eye for style and beauty. A Tamron 10-24mm ultra wide angle zoom is always part of the luggage. We asked Caroline what she has learnt about photography on her tours.

How long have you been writing your travel blog and how did it come about?

Caroline Lohrmann: For almost two years. It started as a private hobby. And then it gave me far too much fun to stop again.

How many countries have you travelled to up to now?

Hm, I have never counted them, maybe 50, roughly. However, I don’t think that such a number is very meaningful, it is more important for me to take the time to get to know a country properly.

How do you find new destinations?

It is sometimes enough if I see a nice picture of a place, I then check how to get there and just drive off. Sometimes I have regretted not to have planned my journey at all, sometimes it was very good just because of this.

Sunset on the Likavitos hill in Athens. From here you can see the Akropolis illuminate beautifully against the blue evening sky.

Could you imagine to settle down completely in one of the countries visited?

No, I have tried it, for living, Germany is best.

Where were you last?

At the Baltic Sea. After ages again on a German beach. I am becoming more and more a friend of quiet, deserted beaches, that was exactly the right thing.

In addition to your astute observations, your blog stands out because of your great photos. What came first - the love of travel or the love of photography?

The love of travel. The longer I have travelled, the more I wanted to capture the many special moments and encounters so as to have something like a personal history book. I am working on this to date and come a little closer to my goal with every journey and every photo.

Meteora, Greece. Fascinating landscape with monasteries on huge, tower-shaped rocks, I have nowhere else seen anything like it.

According to which criteria do you choose the images for your blog?

The most answer heard to what makes a good image is probably that it has to have a story. I see this differently. To me, an image is beautiful if it touches its viewers, no matter how.

What do you think are your strengths when taking photographs?

I think I notice many details. That is often annoying in real life. I can be distracted quickly and often notice myself sitting somewhere forever and watch bumblebees or small beetles. I can live out this quirk when taking photos, and have something like a justification to devote myself to seemingly unimportant things.

You photograph amongst others with a Tamron 10-24mm objective. For which occasions do you use this ultra wide angle zoom objective?

Mainly for landscape photos. Thus exactly what I photograph the most.

What makes this objective so valuable to you?

The short focal length of the objective enables a very large viewing angle. You thereby have more of a feeling of standing right in the image. I can thus simultaneously capture the heaven above and the ocean at my feet, which reproduces the expanse of a landscape much better.

In one of the tiny alleys in Lisbon. In the city district Alfama, the alleys form a whole maze and you can quickly spend half a day there.

Did the extreme wide angle maybe teach you something about photography?

Yes, any photo does this - especially those which are no good. My view has additionally adjusted itself to the objective since I have had it. My photographic eye looks for things that look good in the wide angle objective.

With tripod or without?

I do not like to lug things and I am rather a tripod grouch. Nearly all of my time exposures originated on walls, steps, my handbag and other suitable deposits.

Whereto is your next journey and where do you absolutely need to go?

My next journey is not as yet planned, this always happens very spontaneously. But I definitely want to go to Japan...

Ajuy on Fuerteventura. I think the island is often done injustice, many people say that it would consist of desert and would have a boring scenery. When I was there, everything was full of wonderful photo scenes.

About the author: Caroline Lohrmann

Caroline Lohrmann (30) travels the world from Hamburg and writes her very personal stories about this in her blog Shavethewhales.net. She thereby gives valuable tips, is humorous and profound at the same time, and shows a great sense of photography and design. She creates her impressive images of people, landscapes, animals and architecture with a Nikon D5100 – preferably equipped with the Tamron SP AF 10-24mm F/3.5-4.5 Di II LD Aspherical. If Caroline is not on the road for her blog, the communications scientist works as a translator and as a guide on international automotive events.

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