Creative fashion shooting with the new SP objectives

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Creative fashion shooting with the new SP objectives

The photograph duo Sallyhateswing from Cologne sparkles with creativity. The two young talents Sarah Schmid and Philipp Johann have now used the new SP objectives from Tamron for a current shooting– and they were not only enthusiastic about the high resolution.

A spontaneous high-fashion shoot was on the programme. "In the shots with model Sarah Alice Kallweit, an Industrial-Chic style combined with daring outfits was to be implemented", Sarah explains the idea behind the photos. "We put a lot of emphasis on a natural reproduction of the gloss effect of the fine-pored skin. In keeping with the grey in the hair, the colours should overall appear rather desaturated. However, the details of the rocky hairstyle and extravagant lingerie should largely remain intact. The SP 45mm with its moderate standard focal length proved to be the optimum choice for the desired look. The resolution and sharpness of this objective, but also that of the SP 35 mm are super. This leaves maximum flexibility for post-editing."

Shot details: SP 45 mm, 1/100 s, f 4, ISO 100

Sallyhateswing worked with two different backgrounds for presenting the model in the two Dress-Set-ups as best as possible. On the one hand, they use a simple white wall, on the other hand a stained old tarpaulin, which previously served as a floor protection for painting. “As the background should blur as a slight haziness, we have chosen a medium to large aperture. The sharpness is perfect when faded by two to three stages“, adds Phil. “The very natural spatial effect of the 45 mm focal length has inspired me. The range of vision virtually corresponds to the actual human perception.”

The two photographers also like the new SP design. “The two objectives already definitely stand out from their look compared to our other range. The silver ring gives them a special touch and the surface simply feels great” Sarah says. “In addition, both fixed focal lengths are really practical and not too heavy. The focus ring is dampened in an excellent manner, which makes manual focusing a dream. All this eases the work, even over a longer period, and also ensures a relaxed communication with the model.

Shot details: SP 45 mm, 1/125 s, f 5.6, ISO 160

In the 150 percent magnification of the unedited photo (on the right), even tonal graduations of the iris can be seen clearly:

Shot details: SP 45 mm, 1/125 s, f 7.1, ISO 100 | Left:Edited | Middle: Original | Right: Magnification (150 %)

Both SP fixed focal lengths offer an extremely short shot distance, the SP 35 mm permits shots from a distance of only 20 cm – perfect for dynamic portrait shots with breathtaking details.

The SP 45 mm results in a viewing angle of 52 degrees with the full format sensor. By the moderate shot distance, a depth effect results which virtually corresponds to human perception.

All photos:
Model: Sarah Alice Kallweit
Hair: Nadine Kasten

Shot details: SP 35 mm, 1/125 s, f 4, ISO 100

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