NEW M112FM Series

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High resolution power for large imagers

M112FM Series

Ultra-compact lenses for precision automation and quality control

Tamron expands its portfolio with the M112FM series, seven ultra-compact high-performance lenses especially for high-resolution 1/1.2-inch sensors, such as the Sony Pregius IMX174 and IMX249. The new product line is particularly suitable for narrow areas of application where high precision and a highly detailled reproduction are required.


The new lenses will be displayed for the first time at the VISION 2016 in Stuttgart (8. to 10. November 2016), the world's leading trade fair for image processing. There, Tamron presents the first three models with the focal lengths 12mm, 16mm and 25mm, which are now available. By the middle of 2017 four further models with the focal lengths 8mm, 35mm, 50mm and 75mm will complete the series.

Ultra-compact designed, high-performance output

"With the new M112FM series, Tamron is able to meet the needs of our customers for ever-smaller high-performance lenses for large picture-makers," says Thomas Osburg, European Sales Manager Industrial Optics, Tamron Europe GmbH. "The three new models are characterized by their high imaging performance even in low-light environments as well as their ultra-compact design."

The M112FM series has been developed for the large picture area of 1/1.2-inch sensors such as Sony Pregius IMX174 and IMX249. These 2.3 megapixel sensors (1936 × 1216 px) with a global shutter have a 5.86 μm pixel pitch and are characterized by fast data processing, high quantum efficiency and an advantageous contrast reproduction. Tamron's new fixed focal lenses have been optimized to meet these requirements.They offer a high imaging performance free of vignetting and distortion. They are also suitable for the smaller 2/3-inch sensors with 3.45 μm pixel pitch.

All lenses have aperture openings ranging from F/2 or F/1.8 (in the case of the M112FM25) to F/16. They are designed for the visible spectrum and offer a high transmission up to the infrared range. Aperture and focus can be set manually and locked in place using locking screws.

The M112FM lenses are compatible with C-mount cameras and can be ideally combined with the latest ultra-compact cameras due to their extremely compact design. The three new models each weigh less than 100 g and have a tube measuring only 29 mm in diameter. They are therefore perfect for use in extremely confined areas of application. The focus range is from 0.1 m to infinity (∞), the optimum working distance is 0.3 m.

The new M112FM series for 1/1.2-inch sensors extends Tamron's machine vision portfolio with an ultra-compact, ultra-light product line. For the large picture circle, the manufacturer also offers the larger M111FM lenses, which also meet the highest standards of precision and sharpness. Tamron also has lenses for 2/3-inch sensors (series M23FM) and 1 / 1.8-inch sensors (M118FM series).

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