“I love to take pictures of people!”

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Photographer INES THOMSEN from LINZ

“I love to take pictures of people!”

Ines Thomsen has turned her passion into a profession - the trigger for this was a serious turning point in her life.

Ines Thomsen has always had a penchant for photography. As a child, the Austrian already pressed the small red button of mum’s pocket camera with enthusiasm. “Photography was always something special for me”, says the 31-year-old. The fact that she actually carved a career from her hobby a few years ago followed her realisation “that I only wanted to work with something I enjoy”. The reason for this was a sick leave of nearly two years, after a brain tumour was found at the age of 23. During the time of her illness and rehabilitation, Ines Thomsen, who previously worked as a flight attendant, had a lot of time to think and to see what’s really important in life.

She decided to fulfil her childhood dream of becoming a photographer: “My mother lent me money so that I could afford my first SLR camera. After tinkering for a long time by myself, I then visited the Prague Photo School in 2009 and soon I had my first orders.” Starting this year, Ines Thomsen is completely self-employed and successful in the field of people photography. She thereby bubbles over with enthusiasm when she talks about her profession: “I love photography! I love to work with people and to give them pleasure with my possibilities!” She is especially attracted to working with children. In her small models, Ines Thomsen mainly appreciates the naturalness in front of the camera.

The photos of the Miss-Austria-candidates which Ines Thomsen has shot in the thermal bath Geinberg for Spitz Frizzante Eisblume should also appear especially natural. Authentic and full of the joys of life - simply a real girls party. The challenge of this order was to take pictures in such a way that even the posed scenes did not appear too staged. Still, the product and the models should be put into perspective.

Here, the new Tamron 15-30mm wide angle objective with a continuous light intensity f/2.8 helped Ines Thomsen for the first time. “Truly a great wide angle objective which lies comfortably in the hand and which has a very quality feel” is the judgement of the young photographer. While the models hopped boisterously on the bed, the Tamron optics reliably provided ultra sharp images. Ines Thomsen was especially pleased to be in the centre of the scene with the extreme wide angle. “In addition, the focal length also allowed me to reproduce the wonderful location in which we were allowed to work”, a further positive of the objective for the photographer.

“The zoom thereby makes the optics even more flexible in the wide angle range. You are not necessarily committed to 15 or 30 millimetres, but you can decide variably”, which is an asset for Ines Thomsen in studio photography or with certain outdoor sessions ever since. The objective was thus also already used at a shooting with skaters, where precisely these strengths were in demand. “I often use either a 70-200mm telephoto objective or now the 15-30mm, as I either want to be very close to the subject or in the centre of the scene”, she explains her working practice. It appears that Ines Thomsen can add a further exciting facet to her dream profession with the Tamron wide angle objective.

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