From blog to book

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From blog to book

"In 2011, I never thought that I would be holding my own book in my own hands just three years later." I have lost count of how many times I've already written this sentence in some form or another. But it's true now and will forever remain so. "Anyone can vegan" is Nadine's and my debut book and which we will always remember with a certain astonishment.

Nevertheless, the road up to "Anyone can vegan" was not easy. When we launched back then, we, as amateur photographers, both actually had a DSLR, but only a basic knowledge about food photography. And a little light. Far too little light. The expected unspectacular results can still be found in a few instances in the depths of the blog archive - but we don't advise you to look for them! Even then, we turned to other food blogs with often incredibly beautiful images that looked so much better than our first "baby steps".

Luckily, the ambition came to the rescue for us. Much can still be achieved with (a lot of) trial & (yet more) error, and so we were able to sign our first book contract in 2013 and had no reason to fear that our images would not meet the quality standards of the publishing house and especially our readers.

All pictures for "Anyone can vegan" were created in our small, specially set up "studio corner" and were taken with a Canon EOS 60D and a Tamron SP AF 17-50mm and a 2.8 Di II VC. Basically, the objective was a "life saver" in many situations because even if we now plenty of natural light is available now, the sun and clouds make the photographer's life difficult for us from time to time. A fast lens with image stabiliser helps to take pictures with a low ISO setting even in less than optimal lighting conditions.

But what creative person would be permanently satisfied with his performance? Of course we would now arrange some shots differently, shoot differently and we would also take a different approach here and there in the post-processing. One is always continually developing.

We were able to use the skill gained in the meantime at the beginning of 2015 for work on our second cookbook "Anyone can breakfast vegan", which will be released in the fall of that year. At this point, I would like to once again refer to the introductory sentence and add that in 2011 I would have thought it even less possible to be able to present the successor book just one year after the publication of the debut. Nadine and I cannot express the joy that this gives us.

The Tamron SP AF 17-50mm Di II VC 2.8 was used yet again for the second book, but we expanded our "Lens fleet" to a Tamron SP 90mm F/2.8 Di VC USD MACRO 1:1, a macro objective with a fixed focal length of 90mm. With this, it was not only possible to make detailed macro shots of ingredients, the long focal length in combination with the large aperture of 2.8 enabled shots with shallow depth of field and a beautiful, soft Bokeh. The narrower viewing angles helped with picture composition in a small space, which this time has allowed us to use smaller area props as background.

The 90mm macro lens from the "Super Performance" series also provides great services for the image stabiliser and helps to take the camera from the tripod even in poor lighting conditions and to photograph from the hand.

Of course, we do not depend on absolute silence for our food photographs, but the pleasantly quiet ultrasonic motor autofocus, which focuses quickly and accurately, is a bonus feature that we do not want to lose.

We processed the low-distortion, sharp RAW files again in Adobe Lightroom. Still, we could not keep our finished printed second "baby" in our hands, but we are sure that the food pictures will once again look "good enough to eat", which is, to a certain extent, also due to the great Tamron objectives.

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