Start a 52-picture project

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Start a 52-picture project

Do you want to take more photographs but don’t quite know what of? Then why not start a personal 52-picture project in 2014, taking one photo each week. Whether you take photos of bridges, abstract lines, landscapes or portraits – whatever you choose, the project can be your personal theme of the year. Added advantage: you force yourself to take pictures on a regular basis – which alone will make you a better photographer. If you don’t know how to start, the information below can help you get off to a good start.

How do I find a suitable topic?

The key to the success of your project is whether the subject is practical to be photographed throughout the year. If you now decide to take a trip and photograph a new city every week, the chances are that you will give up the project sooner or later. The project should be about subjects that are in your immediate environment. Ideally, you should be able to easily integrate your photo project into your everyday life – whether indoors or outdoors. Just think about what things you will definitely come across on a typical weekend, for example: this can be a front door, a fresh flower from the florist, or even one tree that you take photos of from the same perspective over the course of the year.

Should I tell others about my project?

Yes, absolutely. You don’t need to shout it out from the rooftops and make a big announcement on Facebook. But if your family and your closest friends know about your plans, they’re likely to be understanding of your new photography tic and will probably support you as best they can. Moreover, when you tell others, they will begin to have expectations of you, which in turn should motivate you to go out and take the next picture.

What should I do with the pictures?

Decide immediately after each photography session which of the photos will be part of your project. If you postpone the decision until later, it won’t be long before you aren’t able to pick out the good ones because you’re drowning in a sea of pictures.

I don’t have a personal photo style. Is there any point doing a series project despite that?

If you have the feeling that there is, stylistically speaking, very little to connect your individual photos, you will be taking an important step forward by doing this photo project. Don’t lose heart if your photos all still look very different to begin with. With time, you’ll notice that your personal style automatically becomes increasingly apparent – and a series naturally develops from the individual images.

I don’t have time to take photos every week. Can I start a project nevertheless?

It’s worth starting on a project even if you only take photos once a month or just when you’re on holiday. Simply setting a goal will make your photography a more conscious endeavour.

Do you already have an idea for a project, or maybe you’ve even started a project already? What hurdles did you have to overcome? How did you integrate the photography project into your everyday life? You can compare notes with other photographers on our Facebook page (

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