App-Tip: Sun Surveyor for best light

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App-Tip: Sun Surveyor for best light

Nature- and architecture photographers know how important light is for magnificent shots.
If the sun is high in the sky, the contrasts are too hard and the light is too flat. Ideal times however are dusk and dawn. Depending on the point of time, the light then is soft or warm, emphasizing the structures and shaping the motive details.

Particularly admired amongst photographers are the famous blue and the golden hour, the time after sunrise, but before sunset. But also during the sunrise and in the early morning you can shoot lovely atmospheric light moods. On the internet, there are numerous websites, on which photographers can find out the time of sunrise and sunset on different locations (e.g. Even more handy are however special Apps.

Times for blue and golden hour

One of the best programs, that we know and use ourselves, is Sun Surveyor by Adam Ratana. It is available for smartphones and tablets (android and iOS) and predicts the exact position which sun (or moon) will be capturing at a certain time. Location data, map views, and an interactive 3D-Compass show not only the sunset times including blue and golden hour, but rather also the sun distance, the angle of entry of the beams, and the pathway of the shadow impact in detail.

A real highlight is the map view, an Augmented-Reality function, which allows you to see through the camera of your device where the sun will be located on the sky and when it will disappear behind a building or a mountain.

Augmented-Reality shows sun distance

With this cornucopia of information, the calculation of the perfect combination between point of time and position point is an easy task – you just have to be at the right place and time to catch the motive in the best light. Assumed of course, the weather is on your side.

Sun Surveyor costs 5.25 Euros, which considering the enormous functions and use which photographers benefit by the App, is a decent price. The App is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. If you want to test Sun Surveyor at first, you can download the Sun Surveyor Lite version with limited function range.

You can find further information about Sun Surveyor on the App-Website under

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