1/1.8” 12-50mm F/1.4

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Demand for IP/network cameras is growing at an unprecedented speed in the security market. Today’s requirement for high image-quality mandated resolution higher than 5-mega-pixel / Full HD 1080P.

To address the market need, Tamron has released a ‘Double Vari-Focal’ lens system, a complementary lens-pair solution that powerfully supports major security applications: an M13VG288IR (f=2.8-8mm) lens and an M13VG850IR (f=8-50mm) lens to seamlessly cover the entire focal length range from the wide-angle f=2.8mm to the telephoto-end f=50mm. Because of the universal angular field of view coverage being addressed between the two, the solution has received exceptionally high recognition in the market.
Demand for large-size 1/1.8” and 1/2” imagers has also grown prominently for surveillance installations in highly populated urban areas, where distinguished resolving power becomes critically important to make the most of the imaging capabilities of 5-megapixel sensors. A new lens, M118VG1250IR, now released by Tamron, specifically addresses the needs in the surveillance market.

Tamron, as an integrated optics manufacturer, progressively pursues development of such high-quality and innovative products.

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