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Machine Vision / FA / ITS Lenses

Featuring superior optical technology these various series of fixed-focal lenses provide outstanding optical quality and enhanced performance in close-focus situations. With lenses for image sensors from 1/1.8” over 2/3” and 1/1.2 up to 1.1” and pixels as small as 2.5µm these lenses fulfill the needs of today’s diverse image processing applications.

In recent years ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) has been receiving attention world-wide, with rising demand for high sensitivity and high resolution, which result in larger imager size. These lenses contribute especially for license plate recognition or face recognition for ITS applications.



You will find the datasheet for each lens in the download-area.

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Name M112FM08
Sensor Size 1/1.2“
Resolution Ultra High Resolution
Minimum Aperture F/ 2.4
Maximum Aperture F/ 16
Iris Manual Iris
Focal Length Min. 41.7mm
Focal Length Max. 42.3mm
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Mega-Pixel Vari-Focal Lenses

Mega-Pixel Vari-Focal Lenses