Tamron’s “newest eye for industry”, the MP2030M-GS, is the first camera module with a CMOS Global Shutter sensor and integrated optical zoom going into series production (see figure 2). Its industrial grade color image sensor provides Full HD (1920 x 1080) video at 60 fps. Thanks to its high dynamic range, the video images bring out rich details of dark and bright image areas in the same scene. A low readout-noise combined with near-infrared sensitivity enable clear captures even under low light conditions.

TAMRON joins European Machine Vision Association (EMVA)


While TAMRON is widely known for its consumer camera lenses, we have had a strong footprint in Machine Vision since its emergence in the 1980s. Some lens designs of these days were so outstanding they are still in production today.

For Thermal Monitoring of Patients, Rooms, and Industrial Equipment


TAMRON has developed a new thermal camera module which answers the requirements of versatile applications: In nursing, monitoring systems shall provide continuous information about the position, body movements and body temperature of patients. Especially at night, this monitoring needs to operate in complete darkness and entirely silent. Yet, the resolution of the monitoring system should be rather coarse to protect patients’ privacy.

New Vari-Focal Lens Supporting more than 3-Megapixel Resolution


Imagers are migrating toward higher resolution as high-quality images are required for security applications. High-end megapixel cameras are increasingly used in night-time surveillance. Addressing the growing need in the market, Tamron developed an industry-leading 1/2.7” 2.7-13 mm F/1.4 vari-focal lens (Model: M13VG2713IR), which provides its high optical resolution throughout the visual and the near-IR spectrum.

Dual visual thermal camera for drones with Tamron module


Visible & Thermal Camera Module with Accurate Image Overlay and Zoom for Small Drones Airborne unmanned aerial vehicles, aka drones, with thermal imaging capabilities are one of the booming utilities in various professional applications like security surveillance of country borders, criminal prosecution, inspection of industrial plants, forest fire monitoring as well as in agriculture and many others.