70-300mm F/4.5-6.3 Di III RXD

The telephoto zoom with the extra range!

With the 70-300mm you bring distant details into the picture

The lightest and most compact telephoto zoom for mirrorless full format cameras with Sony E-mount

The 70-300mm F/4.5-6.3 is Tamron's first telephoto zoom lens with a 300mm focal length for mirrorless system cameras with full format sensors. In developing it, the engineers aimed to make telephoto photography an effortless pleasure for all photographers, regardless of their level of experience. The new telephoto zoom lens not only offers exceptionally high image quality, but is also the world's most compact and lightest 70-300mm zoom lens of its class with a length of 148mm, a diameter of 77mm and a weight of only 545 g. The optical structure guarantees a high resolution performance, and high-precision special lenses ensure the correction of chromatic aberrations and other optical aberrations. Regardless of the selected focal length, the images are of remarkable brilliance and sharpness. With the 70-300mm F/4.5-6.3, distant motifs can be zoomed in more easily than ever. The long focal length is not only suitable for sports, wildlife and nature photography, but also provides a flattering perspective for portraits and street shots. In combination with the advanced camera functions from Sony, such as the camera-internal image stabilizer and eye detection AF, thanks to the fast RXD autofocus, sharp telephoto images can be taken even in dynamic situations.

Brændvidde [mm] 70-300
Største blænde F/4.5-6.3
Minimum objekt afstand [m] 0.8m /31.5 in (WIDE), 1.5m /59.1 in (TELE)
Maksimum forstørrelsesforhold 1:9.4 (WIDE) / 1:5.1 (TELE)
Filterstørrelse [mm] 67
Vægt [g] 545g
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Features and Functions

High image quality and a beautiful bokeh

The optical system comprises 15 elements in ten groups, including a high-precision LD (Low Dispersion) element for correcting longitudinal colour errors and other typical optical errors that often occur with telephoto focal lengths. The result is impressive: Even at 300mm, the resolution is very high right into the corners of the image. Another feature of this telephoto zoom lens is the attractive bokeh effect, with a perfectly sharp main motif against a beautiful soft background.

Focal length: 300mm | Exposure: 1/1.000 s, F/11, ISO 800
Fast autofocus with RXD technology

The autofocus is based on an exceptionally quiet RXD (Rapid eXtra-silent stepping drive) stepper motor. The autofocus system also has a sensor that continuously determines the current focus setting of the lens. This ensures quick and precise automatic focusing. The focus is reliably tracked for fast-moving motifs. This means that you can take sharp telephoto shots from the free hand even in dynamic situations. The autofocus works very quietly, so that no annoying focusing noises are recorded during video recordings.

Focal length: 163mm | Exposure: 1/2.500 s, F/5.6, ISO 640. Taken with an APS-C camera at effective focal length 244.5mm (KB equivalent)
Tamron E series - lens family with uniform filter size

All lenses of the Tamron E series have an equal filter thread (ø 67mm). You can thereby use the same filters and lens caps with all models. All lenses are similarly compact and can be easily transported as a set.

Additional product features

LD (Low Dispersion)

Lens element for greater image sharpness and the correction of chromatic aberration.

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