MP1010M-VC Ultra-Small Camera Module

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MP1010M-VC Ultra-Small Camera Module

Did you see our Ultra-Small Camera Module MP1010M-VC at IFSEC 2015? If you missed the product presentation please check out this video, which shows the superior vibration compensation here, making this module perfectly suited for e.g. law enforcement vehicles, UAV and other remotely piloted aircrafts … We think this is very impressive!

Today’s security market employs various types of small-size cameras. High-performance compact-and-lightweight cameras have gained growing demand in connection with the ongoing miniaturization of peripheral components for various types of surveillance cameras including box and dome types.

Tamron, employing the industry-leading imaging technologies accredited in the security market and in-house manufacturing technologies for lenses of superb optical performance, now announces the release of an Ultra-Compact Camera Module with an industry-first Optical Vibration-Compensation Feature which assures high-quality image stabilization when images are captured in a vibrating environment. The realized physical size and weight of the compact module are not only optimum for security and surveillance applications but also advantageous for an extensive range of customization, including such applications as drones.

Tamron, as an integrated optics manufacturer, aggressively pursues the highest level of performance and utility, exploring new market frontiers.


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