New LWIR 3X Zoom Lens for VGA (17μm Pixel Pitch) Detectors

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Model: LVZ3X5016N

LWIR 3X Zoom Lens for VGA 50-150mm F/1.6

June 14, 2016, Saitama, Japan – Tamron Co., Ltd., (President & CEO Shiro Ajisaka), an integrated optics manufacturer and leader in the security/surveillance equipment industry, announces the release of World’s Most Lightweight* LWIR 3X Zoom Lens for VGA (17μm Pixel Pitch) Detectors 50-150mm F/1.6 (Model: LVZ3X5016N).

LWIR imaging products have gained large market recognition in security / surveillance applications including monitoring for critical facilities and infrastructure systems. Tamron, since the initial launch of a first LWIR lens model in 2012, has successively released a series of high-performance LWIR lenses, and, in 2014, started selling the world’s most lightweight LWIR (Model: LVZ3X3516N / LVZ3X3516A). Standout advantages of the LWIR technology that assures clear images under adverse lighting or weather conditions, as well as high optical performance, have been highly appreciated by users.

In response to strong demand from the customers of Model: LVZ3X3516N/ LVZ3X3516A for a lens with a focal length longer than 105mm, Tamron now announces the development of a 50-150mm F/1.6 optical 3X zoom lens (Model: LVZ3X5016N). Model: LVZ3X5016N enables capturing images with a larger telephoto range while the features of Model: LVZ3X3516N / LVZ3X3516A – a lightweight and miniature construction with excellent optical performance and user utility. For each specific application, an optimum choice is now offered in three models of Model: LVZ3X5016N and LVZ3X3516N / LVZ3X3516A.

Tamron as an integrated optics manufacturer aggressively pursues lenses with ever higher performance and excellence in utility, expanding LWIR applications and new market potential.

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