Product Range

Underlining its leading position in imaging processes, Tamron expanded beyond the conventional photography market and became a manufacturer of integrated optoelectronic products. Today, as well as classic interchangeable camera lenses, Tamron develops and produces lenses for camcorders, digital cameras, CCTV lenses, ultra-precision components for optical systems and accessories for electronic imaging.


SLR Objektiv

  • Interchangeable lenses for digital (SLR) cameras
  • Fixed focal lengths for wide-angle, tele and macro photography
  • Zoom lenses with various focal length ranges. 

Video Lenses

  • Video lenses for commercial applications, such as surveillance, automation and image processing. (CCTV)
  • Camcorder lenses

New Products

  • Industrial auto-focus equipment and prototype lenses for digital cameras
  • Optical components
  • Precision forms
  • High-precision plastic products.