26.11.09 News

Website Relaunch

Welcome to the new Tamron Europe website. It is accomplished. There might still be a few problems here and there, but this will settle during the next hours.


At this point we would also like to direct a word to the internet community which had discovered our countdown on the old homepage quite fast. We never imagined such an immense reaction. Of course we wanted to make our customers curious and inform them that something new is to be expected, but, nevertheless, it developed a little differently.

A lot of amusing ideas arose in the different forums, blogs and news sites what might be hidden behind the countdown. We have taken up some of these ideas to scatter the wildest of rumors.


Now, finally on the 26th of November the time has come: The new site is online. In the course of the relaunch, there was a short interruption due to some technical work. Thank you for your understanding.